Introduction: Understanding oneself is often the first step towards personal growth and overcoming challenges. At Vivid Psychology Group in Denver, CO, we specialize in providing a range of psychological assessments, including ADHD testing, IQ testing, and evaluations for learning disabilities like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and more. Our services are designed to offer insights into various aspects of psychological functioning, helping individuals navigate their unique paths with clarity and confidence.

What is Psychological Assessment? Psychological assessments are tools used to gain a detailed, numbers-based picture of an individual’s psychological functioning. They are instrumental in identifying behaviors, abilities, and challenges that might not be apparent through other means. At Vivid Psychology Group, we use these assessments to provide accurate diagnoses and a deeper understanding of how personality factors intersect with cognitive abilities.

Psychological Assessment Services at Vivid Psychology Group:

  1. IQ and Giftedness Testing:

    • Ideal for understanding cognitive abilities and processing.
    • Useful for school admissions and identifying giftedness in individuals.
  2. Psychoeducational, ADHD, and Learning Disability Assessment:

    • Diagnoses ADHD and Learning Disabilities in Reading, Writing, and Math.
    • Essential for developing IEPs or 504 Plans and determining appropriate accommodations.
  3. Psychodiagnostic and Mental Health Evaluations:

    • Helps in identifying mental health conditions and symptomology.
    • Assists in establishing treatment plans and recommendations for further care.
  4. Socioemotional Assessment:

    • Focuses on understanding emotion regulation, relationships, self-concept, and more.
    • Utilizes both objective and performance-based measures.
  5. Therapeutic Assessments:

    • Used at the onset of treatment to establish a foundational understanding of a person’s unique psychology.
    • Facilitates a smooth transition from formal assessment to therapy.
  6. Other Specific Assessments:

    • Conducted for educational & occupational decisions, hiring, adoption evaluations, and more.

Conclusion: At Vivid Psychology Group, serving the greater Denver area, we believe in empowering individuals via comprehensive psychological assessments. Whether it’s for ADHD testing, Dyslexia testing, or understanding one’s IQ, our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized, data-driven, and useful guidance and recommendations. Our assessments are more than just tests; they are  pathways to understanding and embracing one’s unique psychological landscape.

Vivid Psychology Group offers Psychological Assessment services to Denver neighborhoods including Littleton, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Greenwood Village, Lakewood, Southglenn, and more. We offer comprehensive assessments services for (ages 13+) as well as sliding scale price options. Feel free to reach out for a no-cost consultation.

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