Specialized, Effective Treatment for Anxiety, OCD, and More

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At Vivid Psychology Group, we specialize in the most effective therapy treatments for anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and more.

Chronic anxiety and OCD are relentlessly draining. The constant worry, the sticky thoughts, the everyday battles – we understand what it feels like when anxiety or OCD start to run your life.

We help motivated, insightful adults and their families gain mastery over anxiety, OCD, panic attacks and more to help them reclaim calm, confidence, and control.

Reclaim calm, confidence, and control.
Psychological Assessment Services at Vivid Psychology Group

Specialized care is different.

Our therapists are specially trained in the most cutting-edge treatment models – we use these approaches to craft a custom treatment program for you, where we’ll equip you with tools to manage your fear and anxiety (without the need for medications).

Your time and investment are precious- with specialized treatment, you can feel confident you’re receiving the highest quality, most effective care.

We treat more than just anxiety.

Our highly trained clinicians are able to help with many problems, including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, phobias, PTSD, panic attacks, relationship problems, intrusive thoughts, and much more.

Vivid Psychology Group offers online therapy options (for most US states) as well as in-person treatment in Denver, CO.

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Our Treatment Options

Individual Therapy


SPACE Treatment

(Child/Teen Anxiety)

Parent Coaching


Psychological Assessment


We use specialized treatment approaches, including:

Our extensive training allows us to treat many conditions, including panic disorder, contamination OCD, scrupulosity OCD, PTSD, agoraphobia, emetophobia (fear of vomiting), separation anxiety, needle phobias, intrusive thoughts, relationship problems, skin picking, hair pulling, failure to launch, depression, and much more.

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We provide a free phone consultation to ensure our specialized approach will work for you.