Fees & FAQ

Initial Phone Consultation (20 minutes): Free

Therapy Session (50 minutes): $210

Practicum Clinician Fees*:
Therapy Session (50 minutes): $150

Psychological Assessment Services: dependent on referral question- fee range will be estimated after phone consultation

*Practicum clinicians have a Master’s degree and are currently enrolled in a doctoral-level clinical psychology program. Practicum clinicians are supervised by a licensed clinician and receive extensive ongoing training in evidence-based methods. Sliding scale pricing available in many cases- please reach out to inquire.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)


We want you to get better in meaningful and sustainable ways (and we want you to graduate out of therapy!). Treatment length is highly dependent on a number of factors, including treatment goals, personal history, and client motivation. Sometimes, highly motivated clients notice significant improvements within 2-3 sessions.

Most commonly, clients notice significant improvements within 8-12 treatment sessions. Clients with more complex backgrounds or symptom presentations may require more time in treatment before seeing significant change (6-12 months+).

Weekly or bi-monthly (every other week) is generally recommended to start. After clients understand how the treatment works and start feeling better, they often shift to less frequent sessions (such as monthly or as-needed).

We understand that treatment can be a significant financial cost, especially when paying out of pocket. And, we strongly believe that investing in yourself with the right kind of treatment is well worth it. Our costs reflect a few important values of our practice:

1) The highest levels of education and training— our clinicians have received an extensive amount of training, including 4+ years of formal post-graduate training at APA accredited universities, over 5,000 supervised clinical hours, and hundreds of hours of ongoing training in specialized treatment approaches.

2) Efficient and effective treatment— we don’t want you to stay in treatment longer than you need to. We want you to get better and meet your treatment goals as quickly as possible. Unlike some traditional therapy models, our evidence-based, specialized approaches are designed to help you see improvement in weeks or months (rather than years) of treatment.

3) Top-notch service from energized providers— provider burnout is notorious in the mental health field, with low insurance reimbursement rates, high caseload demands, and lack of days off or health benefits for most providers. Our service model allows our providers to carry reasonable caseloads, spend more time on training and consultations, and engage in each case with vitality and attention.

4) Provide excellent training and low-cost treatment options— our model allows us time and energy to train student clinicians in advanced anxiety treatment approaches, and provide this high quality treatment for a low fee. In supervising and training our student externs, we strive to help address mental health treatment gaps by creating more highly competent providers in specialty treatment areas.

Once you schedule your initial appointment, you will receive an email with detailed instructions (including office location, waiting room protocol, and links to access paperwork). You will be asked to fill out a few forms electronically prior to your first session.

After that, leave the rest to us- your provider will guide all questions in the first session to gather relevant background info, establish treatment goals, and answer any of your questions.

We currently do not accept insurance plans or bill insurance providers. We accept private pay only, as it allows us the most freedom and flexibility in our treatment approaches.

We are able to provide superbills for insurance reimbursement- please let your provider know if you would like this option.

Medicaid law does not allow private pay providers to treat anyone currently enrolled with Medicaid (unless treatment is pro bono).

We use an integrated billing system through TherapyPortal. You will be prompted to add a payment method via TherapyPortal and your card will be automatically charged after each session with your provider. We are also able to accept cash and checks as needed.

In short, yes! Research suggests that telehealth treatment can be just as effective as in-person treatment for many presenting problems. Sometimes, certain issues are better treated in-person, and your provider will tell you if that may be the case.

We can work with you via telehealth if you live in any of the PSYPACT states (Listed here.)

We do not prescribe medications. We will work with your medication prescriber as needed if medications adjustments may assist with your treatment.

Get started here. You can also reach us at info@vividpsychologygroup.com or text/call us at (720) 213-6105.