Virtual Reality Treatment

Virtual Reality Treatment (VRT) utilizes virtual reality headsets to create immersive digital environments to aid with Exposure Therapy and Mindfulness practices.

Virtual Reality Treatment

How does VRT work?

VRT utilizes virtual reality headsets to simulate various digital environments to aid with Exposure Therapy. Virtual Reality Therapy can be conducted at the office or at your home (with a smartphone-based headset we ship to you).

Virtual reality environments can be designed to simulate a wide range of real or imaginary scenarios, such as flying on an airplane, giving a public speech, getting an injection, or standing at the top of a tall building.

Virtual Reality allows for a new level of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a vital tool for treating anxiety-related issues and building anxiety tolerance. Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) helps create extremely immersive digital environments to practice mindfulness and various emotional regulation skills.

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