Psychological Assessment Services in Denver, CO

A Psychological assessment and evaluation can gather information about how people think, feel, and behave. They can be used to determine diagnoses, treatment plans, eligibility for services and much more.

Psychological Assessment Services at Vivid Psychology Group

What is Psychological Assessment used for?

Psychological assessments can be used to identify and understand an individual’s behaviors and abilities. They utilize standardized tests and measures to put together a detailed, numbers-based picture of a person’s psychological functioning.

Psychological Assessment Services at Vivid Psychology Group

Psychological Assessments can be brief or more comprehensive depending on the needs of the client, and the testing battery can be tailored as such. Assessment can be very helpful in identifying challenges, strengths, and needs that may not be apparent through other means- they are useful in identifying accurate diagnoses, confirming learning disabilities, and understanding how personality factors intersect with cognitive abilities.

Types of Psychological Assessments completed at Vivid Psychology Group:

  • IQ and Giftedness Testing:

    This type of testing can be used to better understand an individual’s cognitive abilities – how they process and understand information. IQ testing can be used for school admissions.

  • Psychoeducational, ADHD and LD Assessment:

    These assessments can diagnose ADHD, Learning Disabilities in Reading, Writing, and Math (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia, respectfully). They provide information about how individuals learn and process information and can be used in the development of an Individualized Learning Plans (IEP) or 504 Plan, and can help determine appropriate accommodations for students in school and adults in the workplace.

  • Psychodiagnostic and Mental Health Evaluations:

    These evaluations help identify symptomology and whether there may be appropriate accompanying diagnosis/diagnoses. The results may be used, among other things, in the service of furthering care by establishing treatment plans and recommendations.

  • Socioemotional Assessment:

    These assessments may use both objective and performance based measures with the goal of better understanding an individual’s emotion regulation, relationships with others, self-concept, and more.

  • Therapeutic Assessments:

    These collaborative assessments may be used at the onset of treatment as a foundation of understanding. In this case, the assessor may facilitate the client’s transition from the assessment into therapy, resulting in an especially deep and meaningful course of treatment.

  • Other:

    Specific assessments may be conducted in the context of educational decisions, and occupational hiring, pre-adoption evaluations, etc.

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