Mood Disorders

The term “Mood Disorders” encompasses a variety of mood-related problems, including depression, bipolar disorders, and general mood dysregulation.

Mood Disorders

Depression/Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

Depression can manifest in a variety of ways, including persistent feelings of sadness/emptiness, lack of pleasure in life, sleep problems, increased anxiety, excessive guilt, and suicidal thinking.

At Vivid Psychology Group, we treat symptoms of depression from a multimodal perspective. Treatment involves developing emotional regulation skills, learning coping tools, clarifying values in life, increasing motivation, and addressing physical health concerns (including eating, sleeping, and movement). When clinically appropriate, we work with outside medication prescribers to address biological aspects of depressive disorders.

Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar disorders involve patterns of mood fluctuations with both depressive and manic features. Bipolar disorders can often be nuanced and may be difficult to diagnose accurately. We work therapeutically with clients to help increase awareness of mood patterns and identify appropriate tools and coping mechanisms.

Effective treatment for Bipolar Disorders often involves medication management; our providers are willing to consult closely with outside medication prescribers to help find the most effective treatment options.

The clinically proven methods we incorporate for treatment include CBT, ACT, and DBT, and EMDR.

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