Specialized Anxiety Treatment in Denver, CO

Occasional anxiety is normal- but if you are constantly battling anxiety, we can help.

Anxiety Relief Treatment

With the right treatment, you can break free from anxiety and OCD.

You don’t have to suffer with persistent stress, OCD, excessive overthinking, or other anxiety-related issues. Specialized anxiety treatment can help you take control and get lasting relief.

At Vivid Psychology Group, we utilize Exposure and Response Prevention (a form of CBT) in combination with ACT, DBT, and other proven approaches to help people break free from anxiety and gain control over their lives.

Avoiding anxiety doesn’t work.

Anxiety is a completely normal emotion – and one that is very important!

If we didn’t have anxiety, we might walk into dangerous places carelessly, allow young kids to play by a pool unsupervised, or make risky financial decisions. A healthy dose of anxiety keeps us protected from danger.

The problems start when you continually avoid – or try to immediately fix – normal feelings of anxiety. Although this is an understandable response to discomfort, avoidance of anxiety actually reinforces the anxiety cycle and makes the anxiety stronger!

This cycle can spiral deeper and deeper – your anxiety may have become so intense and uncomfortable that you feel you must avoid it just to function normally, thus perpetuating the vicious cycle.

Then how do I get rid of my anxiety…?

Paradoxically, the way to cure chronic anxiety is to break the anxiety avoidance cycle by facing your anxious feelings, using tools such as Radical Acceptance, Mindfulness, and various exposure exercises.

Facing your anxiety head-on may sound like a scary idea, but it’s important to know that anxiety becomes much more tolerable when you’re equipped with the right tools and knowledge.

We want you to become an expert on your own anxiety – the things you’re doing to make it worse, how to make it better, and the knowledge of the tools to ultimately take control of your anxiety.

If you’ve tried other anxiety treatments without success, you’re not alone.

Some treatments temporarily lower feelings of anxiety, but actually make symptoms worse in the long-run (such as fast-acting medications, trigger avoidance, certain CBT interventions, and many popular “relaxation” techniques).

Our specialized approach of Exposure Therapy is different, and works to reduce anxiety in the long-term through empirically-supported interventions. With specialized anxiety treatment, you will become an expert in how the anxiety avoidance cycle works and learn active tools to reduce your anxiety.

After learning exactly how your anxiety works, you will be able to self-guide your own “exposure therapy” in many areas of life outside of treatment.

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The world is full of people who used to have an anxiety problem.

If you’re ready to make a lasting change, specialized treatment may be right for you.

Vivid Psychology Group offers in-person therapy in our Denver office, as well as virtual treatment for adults and adolescents (in most US states).

We also offer SPACE anxiety treatment, which is a parent-based approach for childhood anxiety.




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