Parent Coaching in Denver, CO

Parenting is hard. While there is no single “right way” to approach any parenting problem, there are Parent Coaching tools and approaches that can help to reduce stress, increase family cohesion, and increase quality of life for the whole family.

Parent Coaching

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching is a form of treatment aimed at helping parents learn skillsets, tools, and approaches to reduce stress, increase parenting confidence, and solve common parenting issues, including:

  • Excessive (or intense) conflict at home

  • Difficulty setting or holding boundaries with children

  • Lack of respect or cooperation from children

  • “Walking on eggshells” with children or teenagers

  • School refusal or inconsistent attendance

  • Challenges with disciplining or finding workable rewards

  • Child mental health struggles (including anxiety, depression, or mood disorders)

During these sessions, caregivers are provided support and action tools for their unique parenting circumstances and goals, including:

  • Techniques to stop arguments before they start

  • Strategies to deescalate conflict and reduce your child’s frustration or anger

  • Knowledge about reinforcement principles related to punishments and rewards

  • Approaches to increase your empathy, support, and a sense of closeness with children and teenagers

  • Tools to empower and encourage your child or teenager to take more risks

  • Systems to establish rewards and consequences (without being overly “strict”)

  • Ways to reduce your own stress and increase your sense of competence as a parent

  • Tools to build (and follow-through with) appropriate, reasonable boundaries that work for the whole family

We also offer specialized parent-facing treatments for anxiety-related issues. Schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your options and see if Parent Coaching may work for you and your family.

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