Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) is a skills-based cognitive-behavioral therapy that helps people gain distress tolerance, improve mindfulness, change unhelpful emotional responses, and improve relationship skills.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

What can it help with?

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) can be extremely helpful for a variety of emotional, relational, and psychological problems, including relationship problems, anxiety issues, depression, and anger problems. It may be for you if you want a skills-based approach to change unwanted emotions and gain mastery over yourself.

These skills are split into four modules: Emotional Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Distress Tolerance, and Mindfulness. Each module has straightforward and creative skills you can learn to use right away to take control over your emotions and mind. DBT skills can be taught alone, or can be incorporated into just about any therapy treatment.

DBT skills include:

  • stopping painful emotions before they start

  • gaining emotional awareness

  • stopping impulsive behaviors

  • calming yourself down when in crisis

  • setting appropriate boundaries

  • handling conflicts skillfully and effectively

  • changing emotional responses over time (such as anger, sadness, envy, etc.)

  • using mindfulness to engage more fully with life

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